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The idea of the self is formed by our experiences, through those around us, through formal and informal knowledge and through ideology that is implemented, directly and indirectly, through social norms. I am, because of you. You are, because of me. We are, because of what we've learned and have been taught. These teachings of social norms may or may not supply us with unity. They may not supply us with the understanding of our differences that may connect us, just as they may divide us. We all share similar experiences through the gaze of social norms, but we also share different experiences and ideas. These differences should not divide us. These teachings of learned behavior, based on the norms of society, should not alienate, they should not demonize, and they should not create space for destruction. And yet, these teachings, informal and formal, have created a division among us seen in forms such as racism, prejudices, sexism, homophobia, classism, misogyny, hatred of what one doesn't understand, and in you, me, them, they, us.

We Be The Features speaks for the themtheyus, the we who walk along the lines of difference, of deviance, of non-conformity in order to be free, in order to breathe, in order to find comfort within and outside the walls of society's social norms. We breathe to inspire those like us, those unlike us. We breathe to encourage creative thought and expression through the understanding of our differences and by illustrating the beauty of those differences. We breathe to circumvent the mis-education of the self. See your freedom. Understand your bondage and the unity of difference. Reclaim your past and re-imagine your future, for We Be The Features.

This collaborative exhibition will showcase the interdisciplinary efforts of fine arts and post-modern photographer Lee.Andrew, public figure B. Hawk Snipes, and zine editor and graphic artist Blu Mood who will launch his inaugural issue of [MAPLE:KOYO] zine.